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Welcome to

The Spa Expectations Corporation

Welcome to February 2023 - Filled with Love

Black History Celebrated and Valentine's Day


Some Covid mandates may be lifted and hopefully we will return to

"as close to normal" as possible, but, we continue to adhere to the mandates as it pertains to masks-wearing, being able to come together physically

at restaurants, small gatherings, movies, etc. We are now accepting on-site services with specific protocols for your safety and that of

those who work with us.


We are continuing to offer  "Expectations Virtual Plus"

 Gift Giveaways for our clients and communities.

Our Mission Continues -

 Health/Wellness and Improved Quality of Life 

Mind, Body, Spirit. 


The Spa Expectations Corporation 

A perfect destination for total relaxation, enlightenment and empowerment. The Spa Expectations Corporation and Expectations Mobile Spa & Resource Service is a full service Day Spa/Educational/Referral and Quality of Life service is here to cater to one of life's most  precious resource - You! 

The Spa Expectations Corporation family is staffed with exceptionally qualified personnel whose passion is to assist in providing the needs of those who cannot afford conventional Day Spa prices, for those who may not be able to take the time to

de-stress or may have babysitting or adult care issues,those who wish to be  pampered, to look  and  feel amazingly strong and beautiful - Health & Wellness, Assistance with "Life Re-imagined" by AARP, Life Skills,Motivation and Empowerment, and more!!


We are the Royal Force that will transport individuals, families and communities to the lifestyles they desire and deserve;

self esteem, self-worth and the ability to make dreams a reality.

Expect the Best In Your Life  - You Deserve It!