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Expect The Best In Your Life!tm 

We are here to give life and excite the Universe; with Love, Compassion, Growth through Learning, Sharing and Being the Best Human Beings we can be.

Each of us should only expect the best in our lives and should want the best for others. 

What can you do to Live your best life, thus creating a better life for others?

Let's make God smile.


"Health, Beauty & Self-Esteem"

Protect your inner and outer beauty from outside opinions.  This means anything hurtful and nonconstructive that you've been told by someone you care or cared about (or event someone you didn't) is to be taken with a grain of salt.  Know that in God's eyes you are unique and beautiful regardless of your size.  Keep in mind that it is not what the world thinks about you, but rather what you think about yourself that matters.  Know that your emotional health greatly influences your physical health.  Therefore, always take time to nurture your health, beauty and self-esteem.  Remember, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!


by Sharon Dumas-Pugh  - "100 Words of Wisdom for Women"