Welcome to the "Expectations Man"

To The Hard-working, Hard-playing, Adventurous Man -

Firemen, Police Officers, Executives, Construction Workers, Physicians, Truckers, Mail Carriers, Dancers, Personal Trainers, Body Builders, Telephone and Cable Repairmen, Stay-At-Home Dads

To the modern man, the metro-sexual male who understands the benefits of excellent grooming habits and who understands that to be successful, appearance and health is a key factor - Expectations MAN is for YOU!


Alleviate pain from stress at work, sports and the daily grind or to just relax. We provide various techniques to meet your needs.     


Virtual Instructional Services on Relaxation Techniques


Special waxing and body clipping to rid excess body hair

(Mobile Services)

Customized Grooming Packages

We assess what is important to you, what your concerns are and create a package with you in mind

(Mobile Services)

Barber Services

Hair cuts and styling by dedicated professional  (Mobile Services)

Hand and Feet Grooming

Manicures, Pedicures, Foot Soaks to ease achy feet for that Clean and Natural appearance

We Bring These Services and Relaxing Atmosphere to You at A Venue of Your Choice - - Home, Apartment, Office, Hotel, Yacht, Outdoor Events -- Wherever You Feel Comfortable - Onsite and/or Virtual Instruction where available.

- We save you time and energy in traveling

- Provide Childcare or Adult Care Services for your convenience

- We use clean and natural products & accessories

- We work within your budget!!!

For More Information or to schedule an appointment for your Onsite or Virtual service, please contact

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